What is (GBNP) Windows Administrator password "cracker"

  • GBNP is a tool which allows you to safely change the Windows Built-in Administrator's password and enable the account

Why do I need it

  • if for some reason you have lost or forgotten the local Administrator password in your Windows server or workstation you can set a new password and logon

What do I need

  • you create your own bootable WinPE-iso -image or Bootable USB-drive with WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) and then boot up the computer using it
  • The WinPE creation is totally automated
  • Boot your computer to Windows Recovery Envinronment with Windows' own installation media (DVD) and run a script (GBNP_inject_password_creation_script_to_Windows.cmd) from a USB-drive

Why is it safer or better than others?

  • GBNP uses only a few batch scripts and Windows' own binaries to change and enable the Administrator password. No external binaries are run in whole process.
    • you can review the batch scripts
    • you can safely run GBNP in business critical servers
    • only one boot is required
  • scripts are copied in offline mode using WinPE but the password is changed using net.exe -command when the OS boots up.
  • you make the WinPE-image yourself so you can be sure it is safe and does only things that you approve
  • GBNP works with Microsoft technologies, no Linux-distros are used.
  • Support for Bitlocker encrypted drives (you have to know Bitlocker Recovery Key which as an Administrator you should)

How does it work

  • The computer is booted to a WinPE environment
  • script copies GBNP-scripts to the OS drive
  • using Windows' own Debugging features, sethc.exe (Sticky Keys) is redirected to GBNP's password changing script
  • the password can be changed in the logon screen, because sethc.exe is run with SYSTEM-rights
    • password change is done with the net.exe -command
  • after password has been changed all settings modified in the operating system are reverted back to default without the need to reboot the computer
  • Screencapture from WinPE, Screencapture from Windows or Changing password VIDEO

What operating systems does GBNP support

  • all current supported Windows operating systems: Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 -> Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows 8.

How to secure a computer against this tool?

  • Use drive encryption on the Operating System drive for example Bitlocker or TrueCrypt