Making of WinPE-ISO -image VIDEO

Making of WinPE-ISO -image (short)

  • Download the Zip-file
  • Extract the ZIP-files contents of four files to a single directory
  • Install WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit)
  • Run Deployment Tools Command Prompt elevated
  • Change to the directory you unzipped the files
  • Run makeiso.cmd getabrandnewpassword.iso
  • Follow instructions
  • Burn ISO-image to disc, make bootable USB-drive or use wim-image

Making of WinPE-ISO -image (long)

See PDF.

Change local Administrator's password

Change local administrators's password VIDEO
  • Boot computer with GBNP boot image
  • Press any key in WinPE to reboot computer
  • Once computer is started press shift key 5 times repeatedly to enable getabrandnewpassword-script
  • Write down Administrator's name and password
  • Press shift key 5 times to make sure getabrandnewpassword-script is removed from computer (Sticky Keys should open)
  • type exit and logon with password you just got

How to make a bootable USB-drive

Be careful, these commands will erase all contents on the USB-drive! If you choose a wrong disk number you may delete files on your local hard drive!

Run these commands in an Elevated Command Prompt (Start -> cmd -> ctrl-shift-enter):

list disk
select disk #
create partition primary
select partition 1
format quick fs=fat32

# is the drive number of your USB drive. Be sure to select right number because clean-command will erase the whole USB-drive or drive selected!

Copy the GBNP WinPE files from folder
to your USB-drive with copy/paste or with this command:
xcopy C:\temp\gbnp\ISO-copy-contents-of-this-directory-to-your-usb-drive-after-diskpart-to-make-bootable-USB-drive\*.* E:\ /e /f

Here the "E:\" would be your USB-drive letter.